Friday, February 10, 2006


20 years ago I drowned in the autumn cold alone in the Atlantic City surf. Beyond cold, exhausted and losing consciousness I slipped under the surf. I was very surprised to awaken moments later, still underwater yet, amazingly, outside of my lifeless physical body. Outside and slightly under my body which hung a few feet below the waters surface through which shafts of sunlight made patterns in the water and across my drifting, empty, former form. I was no longer cold or tired or struggling or feeling anything at all and yet I was most certainly still me.

My spirit body began rising upward through the water like the ascending of a balloon that just slid through your hand. I rose more swiftly once I left the water and took to the sky. The clouds were low, heavy and gray that day when my soul paused as it reached the level of changing air pressure below the cloud hanging magnificently above me. I looked downward one last time to see the speeding boat I had faintly waved to with my last conscious action as I was slipping under the churning sea. I saw three men on board looking for any sign of my empty body below the waves. One was steering at the center console as another leaned off the side with outstretched finger continuously fixed on the last place he saw me go under the waves. The third man was on the bow swiftly removing his coast guard vest and shirt as he prepared to dive into the changing currents of rolling waves and undertow. I felt no attachment to the outcome of their search. I felt at perfect peace.

I turned skyward again and with a sense of being tugged from the center of my heart I felt an invisible, thin line being yanked upwards like a fly caster was whipping back a fishing line to which I was but a feather. I was reaching incredible speed as I flew through the air and beyond our spinning globe and into space. Like a spiraling, streak of cosmic light beam I was zinging beyond earth towards the sun and through a dimensional shift somewhere in between. I was heading to the sun and yet I was not burning. The sun was an incredibility brilliant sphere of light growing ever larger and brighter and yet not at all difficult to look into. The sun was not hot.

In the discourse of this web log I hope eventual to guide you to seriously consider the possibility that the sun is not only not hot but to also to question many assumptions we have all been conditioned to accept. Assumptions that upon the further mad ramblings of this blog may begin to unravel and point an open minded seeker toward a whole new, holistic world view. A view that ultimately leads us back the simple but universal quest to "know thyself".

I will be making weekly posting sharing my viewpoint informed by conclusions that any sane or insane person may at first regard as absurd but as I hope you will see are indeed quite possible. And as I expect you to question my sanity, as I often do myself, I pledge to you that every event in my personal story is true. Naked. Warts and all. Only names are being changed to protect those who feel safer believing themselves hidden underneath a cloak of invisibility. Indeed the whole truth does set one free and sharing our stories, discoveries and points of view is the only ticket for the last train to an awakening consciousness. Hail to the Blogsphere, a new dawning of mind is here!

In this blog I intend to blend my reflections upon my personal, true experiences of the last twenty years with commentary on life as I see it now, especially in relation to weekly current events. Beginning with my drowning experience of seeing beyond the veil of the illusions of life and death and then continuing along my personal journey including the unfolding of meta-physical gifts and visions. I'll be considering our current world events through this enlightened perspective. I look beyond the veil of illusion and separation that we all wear to one degree or another as we act out our parts on this world stage we share. But who are we really under these costumes we know as our bodies; our selves. And who is writing the scripts we've been handed.

I'm here to talk about individual human empowerment and the dire need for a movement in demand of unrestricted awareness of information and uncensored scientific discovery as a means to awaken the potential of the collective conscience. To take charge of the power of our minds to effect our physical world through the meta-physical interconnection of all things. I'm here to call for justice and freedom from Government interference in the unfolding of the evolution of conscience as our ultimate birthright requiring the liberty to access the information needed in this pursuit. I'm here to call for an end to the mentality of dualism in politics and religion. There is a willful exploitation of ignorance being lead by the United States of America for the mental manipulation and oppression of humanities enlightenment. We can stop it.

What secret military programs call "remote viewing" I call inner vision. An abilities we all contain inherently, a birth right, the use of which I will share with you in detail as well. My knowing of these gifts are the result of the unfolding visions I was allowed to see in detail from beyond this world, beyond the veil of death, space and even time. This is a call for the next renaissance. It's time to take a good, clear look, a clear vision (which in French is clairvoyance) at the mess we're in from a higher point of view. Yes it's time you knew, the sun is not hot too!

"Black Secrets" at NASA?

I strongly suspect I came across a “blip” in the information concealment efforts of the U.S. regarding NASA’s true knowledge. Here’s what happened late this past July;
I am an American living in Mexico and one evening my Latin wife pointed out a story she was reading on a Spanish version of Google News which was being served from a system outside of the U.S. (therefore outside of the “National Security” censorship agreement Google is beholden to in its News coverage within the United States, I later learned). The story was about a scandal erupting between Spain and the United States as apparently a group of Spanish Solar research scientist (working for the Spanish government) hacked into NASA computers as a last resort due to frustration over their belief that NASA was withholding information being gathered by NASA’s satellite observations of the sun. It seems the Spanish scientists confirmed that NASA was studying a discovery of ice on the sun as a result of their hacking.

Ice on the sun? I couldn’t believe it. I looked for the story in an English version of Google News (presumably a U.S. based system - I did not know at the time about the security agreement under which Google was bound in the U.S., that story came out recently). I could not find anything at all about this story. I asked my wife the next day to find the story again on the Latin site. She looked and found nothing there any longer. Odd?

Later I did advanced searches and never found the story again although I did not search again within a Spanish system as I could not get my wife to share my interest in documenting this “blip”. Perhaps you’ll find this more interesting than she did.

I did find a fascinating scientific theory in my quest that could explain the possibility of ice being on the sun.

This theory involves cold fusion and I suppose NASA’s discovery of ice on the sun would point to the viability of cold fusion- not to mention being right up there with little discovery’s like , lets say, Rome not being the centre of the universe or the sun not rotating around the earth. The radical potential that the sun could be an icy system producing cold fusion energy would clearly give a motive for the U.S. to conceal such information under the cloak of “Black Secret” security in the name of the potential military advantage of exclusive command of such potential technology.

The question at hand is did Spain in fact break into NASA’s files and confirm the discovery of ice on the sun?

If it’s true this is huge.

The current news of censorship of Scientists and the unchecked effects of Bush appointees with hidden agendas at NASA is the tip of the iceberg.